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Places you will find an Athletic Trainer

Athletic trainers are versatile healthcare professionals whose expertise is being utilized in an expanding number of ways. More and more athletic trainers can be found in:

  •   Healthcare Administration / Rehabilitation

  •   Occupational Health Setting

  •   Physician Practice

  •   Public Safety

  •   Military

  •   Performing Arts


Athletic trainers are accustom to working behind the scenes. Now, more than ever, athletic trainers can be found working behind the curtain, backstage, in the studio and when the director says cut. Like athletes, performing artists are constantly pushing their limits in pursuit of excellence. Athletic trainers have been working with performing artists for more than 25 years. Performing arts athletic trainers provide specialized injury prevention and rehabilitative care to dancers, musicians and vocalists. Studies show that the on-site medical care that the certified athletic trainer can provide to performers reduces both the frequency and severity of injuries as well as reducing operating and production costs.


Athletic Trainers in the Performing Arts...




Athletic trainers work with diverse populations to restore health, treat injury and manage disabilities. Athletic trainers can help restore and improve a persons overall quality of life and increase their ability to resume regular acts of daily living.

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Industrial & Occupational Settings

In the occupational health setting, athletic trainers develop and manage programs designed to keep employees working at full capacity, improving company productivity and even help reduce health care and insurance costs. The occupational athletic trainer is knowledgeable in the design, implementation and measurement of injury prevention, injury reduction and return to work programs. Certified athletic trainers are highly qualified, highly motivated health care providers that can help a company achieve its health, safety and profitability goals.


Occupational Settings FAQ

Effective Results for Business

Gather information and evaluate your worplace's risk for injury & liability 


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Athletic trainers are commonly a core component of sports medicine teams at all levels of competition including professional, collegiate, secondary school, extreme sports, recreational and youth levels. Athletic trainers play a crucial role in injury prevention, emergency care, injury assessment and rehabilitation. 

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