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The Wes Jordan Athletic Training Student Scholarship

The Wes Jordan Scholarship is awarded to a deserving student of athletic training.  This candidate must demonstrate a dedication to the profession of athletic training by maintaining a strong work ethic and a willingness to learn.  Wes Jordan was inducted into the National Athletic Trainer’s Hall of Fame and served the profession of athletic training for three decades.

This is a $1000 award in honor of Wes Jordan.  Wes served as the head athletic trainer at the University of Maine for more than three decades, beginning in 1965. He served two terms on the NATA Board of Directors and served on the NATA Ethics Committee and the NATA Honors and Awards Committee. His dedication and loyalty to the University of Maine and to the athletic training profession are well known throughout the State of Maine and the New England area. 


Criteria: To be eligible for consideration an applicant shall meet each of the following qualifications:


  1.  The applicant must be a student member of the MATA for at least one year.

  2. The applicant must distinguish her/himself academically with an overall accumulative grade point average of 3.0 based on a maximum 4.0 system or its equivalent.

  3. An unofficial copy of the student transcript should be emailed to:

  4. Applicant should email a current resume or curriculum vitae to:

  5. The applicant must have completed 2 years of committed service as an athletic training student at her/his institution.

  6. The applicant must signify her/his intention to continue academic work to a baccalaureate degree as a full-time, undergraduate student and have been judged capable of this by her/his Athletic Training (AT) Program Director.

  7. The applicant must show a willingness to learn, be dedicated to the athletic training profession, maintain a strong work ethic, and display a good sense of humor.

  8. The applicant must conduct her/himself in a manner that brings credit to her/himself, to her/his institution, and to intercollegiate athletics.

  9. The applicant must have a National Provider Identifier (NPI).  This can be HERE.


Nominating Instructions:

  • Each AT Program Director may submit no more than one nomination.

  • Two sections must be completed:

The ATS Scholarship Application (LINK)

The ATE Program Director Evaluation Form (LINK)

  • A transcript must be emailed to once you have completed the Student Application. Please put the Student's Name in the Subject Line.

Application deadline is February 15.


After satisfying the Scholarship requirements, consideration shall be given based on AT Student participation outside of athletic training where the AT Student demonstrates qualities of leadership and serves as an example to her/his peers.


MATA scholarships will not be awarded to the same AT Student in consecutive years. Need shall not be a factor in the granting of this scholarship. AT Students receiving assistance from other sources are still eligible for this scholarship.


Sherrie Weeks

2024 Wes Jordan Athletic Student Scholarship Recipient


Nicole Labbe
University of
Southern Maine

Past Recipients


Katie Gladstone
University of Southern Maine



Emily Davidson

University of Maine


Raul Gierbolini-Rivera

University of Southern Maine



Brianna Genthner

University of Maine


Nate Cook
University of Southern Maine



Morgan Dube

Springfield College


Katie Dow

University of Maine Presque Isle 



Samantha Davol

University of Southern Maine


Justin Peterson

University of Southern Maine


Alicia Valente

University of Maine


Sarah Leonard

University of New England


Travis Carignan

University of New England


John Bonney

University of Southern Maine


Eric Daniels

University of New England


John Stowe

University of Maine


Holly Woodman

University of Southern Maine 


Santana Wilson

University of Maine


Melissa Bligh

University of Maine 


Lee Elwell

University of Maine 


Casey Holmes

University of Southern Maine 



Kurt Lazaro

University of Maine

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